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Sliding Gunter

2005, December

The plywood decks had suffered quite a lot and we found it more easy to remove the “remains”. It will be also much easier to take care of the inner structure of the hulls with open access to the inside (5114 shown here).

2005-Dezember Decks sind ab001

2005, November


On the Web-Site of the International Star Class Yacht Racing Association (I.S.C.Y.R.A.) the famous Bill Buchan has published a Technical Article “Thoughts on Boat Renovation”.

He mentions the good advice (the same what most of our friends recommended):

“ ... 1. I urge you to only consider a glass boat if you have any intention of racing and winning in a competitive fleet as, for the reason given below, they are just plain faster. If your primary goal is to have a fulfilling project to bring back something of beauty to its original or better than original condition, then by all means go for it, even though it might be a “woodie”, but don’t expect to be competitive with the newer series glass boats. ...”

We decided to have a fulfilling project ....



2005, November

The hulls of 4614 (right) and 5114 (left) have been stripped. The ugly GRP cover of 5114 has been removed. In both cases it is good news what we see below the covers and layers of paint: Both hulls are after about 40 years in and out of the water in excellent conditions. The wood and the structural elements are healthy. Only the keel plank of 4614 and two small planks of 5114 have to be replaced. Comparing both hulls the different building and construction philosophy of both boats is quite obvious. Which one will be later the faster one, back in the water?

2005-November 4614 stripped001
2005-November 5114 stripped001

2005, October

The little star workshop! All three stars have been trailed to “Jugend in Arbeit” at Hamburg, where they will be carefully refitted. Seeing all three old wooden stars side by side in the workshop was something which would open the heart of every star and/or wooden boat lover.

3 Boote in Halle mit Nummern Kopie

2005, September

Uuuups! We are owner of the wooden star number three! Yes - believe it or not - it is a real star (no. 5114). We simply couldn’t see this old hull with it’s interesting history in that bad condition. The star has been built in the sixties at Berlin (former GDR) by the FES (Forschungs- und Entwicklungsanstalt für Sportgeräte).The refit (re-construction???) will be a real adventure and challenge!

2005-September Kauf 5114001

2005, August

After several months of internet research we are proud owners of two wooden stars, about 40 years old: The 5062, built by A&R and the 4614 built by Steinlechner. The 5062 has been sailing until last year while the 4614 seemed to be out of the water for many years. The first step is done!

2005-August Kauf 4614001
2005-August Kauf 5062001