Sliding Gunter

To fit an old wooden star with state-of-the-art equipment proved to be not easy in many cases. The construction of a GRP hull is quite different from the wooden structures - with all advantages and disadvantages. On the other hand the new fittings made solutions for the wooden hulls possible, the boat builders 40 years ago could not even dream of. If you like, look at some of the examples shown below - maybe it can give even some new inspiration to the GRP-boat-builders and sailors.

Backstay-Solution (Harken, Mader)

2006-02-10 Backstagrollen (0)001
2006-02-10 Backstagrollen (1)001
2006-03-02 Backstagen (1)001

The many damaged and distorted mast steps in recent stars in mind we decided to design the mast step profile stronger and more rigid (dimensions available on request). The length (quite long) is because of the intension to use the gaff rig (without having any data or experience about the optimal position of the sliding gunter mast).

2006-02-10 Mastschiene001

What about the many control lines used today? We decided to keep the cockpit quite open and not to install the “tower” (of the Mader Stars) or the “bridge” (Of the Follies), but to lead all control lines to the front of the cockpit (those which are usually handled by the crew) and to the side deck when they may be handled by crew as well as skipper - on a wooden star? It needed indeed some thinking and experiments.


The first full scale model


2006-01-27 4614 Curry Klemmen (1)001
2006-01-27 4614 Curry Klemmen (3)001

Realisation on board (“Confidential!”)

2006-03-02 Backstagen (0)001

The bow of the wooden star is quite different from the GRP-construction. Space is very limited for the jib stay and the jib luff control - especially if you don’t want to be on the wrong side of the measurement permitted variation! The stell workshop of “Jugend in Arbeit” did an excellent job, creating this nice stainless steel 3-rolls-fitting.

2006-02-08 Vorstagbeschlag (1)001
2006-02-08 Vorstagbeschlag (0)001

The radial vang traveller will be mounted on a circular teak wood base integrated into the teak plank deck’s design. A special tool has been designed to carve the laminated base according to the design requirements.

Traveller and basement are simultaneously designed as breakwater for the cockpit.

2006-03-16 Vang Traveller (1)001
2006-03-16 Vang Traveller (2)