Sliding Gunter

The plywood deck has been stripped and we have a clear view inside on frames and planks.

2005-11-23 Deck ab (1)
2005-11-23 Deck ab (3)
2005-11-23 Deck ab (8)

Only very few of the beams have to be replaced. Most of the frames and beams are quite healthy.

5114 Kratzen
5114 Skelett

The chance will not come again too soon: The deck is off and we make use of this opportunity to remove the old weathered paint inside of the hull

To remove the old (several) layers of paint turns out to be difficult and painstaking between the many frames.

2005-12-14 5114 innen abschleifen (1)001

The result was worth all the efforts: Below several ugly layers of old paint (we actually never found out what kind of paint it has been), we found beautiful maintained wood with a nice colour contrast between the planks in light Abachi Wood and strong dark red Mahogany.

2005-12-14 5114 innen abschleifen (3)001
2005-12-14 5114 innen abschleifen (2)001
2005-12-21 5114 innen geschliffen (0)001

The deck structure has been opened for the redesigned cockpit cross-section

2006-02-15 5114 Cockpit-Änderungen (0)001 2006-02-15 5114 Cockpit-Änderungen (1)001

The last careful cleaning of the inside of the hull to prepare the first layer of new paint.

2006-02-20 5114 Saugen (0)001 2006-02-20 5114 Saugen (1)001

The first 4 layers of paint! We are happy with the result. The wooden colours are now even brighter and contrasting.

2006-03-02 5115 Anstrich Innen (0)
2006-03-02 5115 Anstrich Innen (1)001

By the way: Did you notice that the plywood deck has been mounted on the hull and also the 5114 is now closed! For action and procedure have a look at the 4614 refit pages of this site.

2006-03-02 5115 Anstrich Innen (2)001
2006-03-02 5115 Anstrich Innen (3)001

In parallel the cast iron keels of 4614 and 5114 get a special treatment. While the keel of 4614 was well maintained and had got obviously a professional epoxy coating some years ago, the keel of 5114 was in not good shape and quite corroded. For the treatment the keels were mounted upside down on Euro-Paletts.

2006-02-16 beide Kiele (1)001

Keel of 4614

2006-02-16 beide Kiele (0)001

Keel of 5114

2006-02-16 beide Kiele (2)001

Poor 5114 got the new plywood deck, but is still a mess. We had to set clear priorities to be able to have one of our stars refitted on the Alster Lake during the International German Championships. We celebrate 75 years starclass in Germany.

CIMG0936 CIMG0940-2

Laminating the cockpit surface in 9 layers of teak

CIMG0966 CIMG0969

As our first restauration object, the Steinlechner Star 4614 has been finalised, it is time to clean up the new challenge STAR 5114.


A new team of trainees is going to cover the new plywood deck with a traditional teak deck surface. It will be done in the traditional way plank by plank. Every plank has to be individually fitted in its place on deck.