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What do we know so far about the Star 5062?

Tracing back the history of a star class is fortunately easier than for any other boat. The star class is the oldest one design class organisation and probably the origin of any other later class association. It was from the very beginning international oriented. All stars, wherever they are built and sailed on the world have a single running number. The national registration is done with the international number. The I.S.C.Y.R.A. (International Star Class Yacht Racing Association) publishes every year the “Log”, in which a list of all registered Stars, the name of the owner, the boat yard, the year of the launch can be found.

What do we know from the “Log” about our star 5062?

No. 5062 was owned by “Dr. Henning von Siemens”” and given the name “Schildhorn III”. No. 5062 was Part of the Ammersee Fleet and registered at the Diessner Segelclub/Ammersee. The star was build in 1966 by “AR”, the abreviation of the boat yard “Abeking & Rasmussen, Lemwerder (Germany)”.

Probably no need to introduce Abeking & Rasmussen, one of the most famous boat and shipyards not only in Germany but all over the world. Although the star was originally built for an owner in Southern Germany we found and acquired the star in 2005 only a few meters away from his origin in Bremen/Lemwerder

Fortunately we own the original drawings of the star 5062, drawn by A&R:

Stempel Beschlägeplan A&R
A&R 5062 Beschlägeplan Querformat small1

A&R has published all yard numbers from the very beginning of the yard on their web-site:


So we can see that star 5062 was built with yard number 6175 (another “Bellatrix” (XIV) and another “Pimm” have been built the same year by A&R).

Auszug aus Baunummern-Buch von A&R

If anyone knows more about the 5062, was former owner of the star or knows former owners, has pictures or other information, please do not hesitate to contact us, e.g. via our Email Info@starclassics.org. Thanks for your help and your support.